Kirstin Pinit,

Managing Partner
Kirstin Pinit


Kirstin Pinit leads program design and implementation projects that bring innovative approaches, tools and technologies, and best practices to Empower Efficiency’s clients. She draws on more than 15 years in consulting, marketing and the arts to bring creative solutions to every project. Kirstin works collaboratively with clients and project teams to determine objectives, goals, and implementation plans that drive lasting change in communities and organizations.

Over the past 10 years in the energy efficiency field, Kirstin has managed program design and consulting projects, energy management information systems (EMIS) research and pilots; commissioning and retro-commissioning research and training program development; technical support for energy efficiency policy implementation; and codes and standards research and development.

“If we want to continue to live in abundance on this planet, we will need to change the way we use our resources. I believe the solution is a combination of individual choices, super-efficient technologies, and policy solutions that support and enable responsible energy use. Empower Efficiency works in that intersection of behavior, technology, and policy, and that is why I am part of this company.” – Kirstin