Greg Johnson,

Managing Director
Greg Johnson


“I like working in the energy efficiency sector because it’s one of the few areas where you can satisfy both the CFO’s and the green team leaders. Energy efficiency helps customers save money AND improve their environmental footprint. Better still, behavior-based energy efficiency initiatives help to do those things with minimal investment.” – Greg

Greg Johnson supported the planning and creation of Step Up and Power Down for PG&E and serves as program advisor in his position with Empower Efficiency. He is also one of the Engagement Managers helping PG&E customers take advantage of all the program has to offer.

Before coming to California, Johnson was the Program Director in North Carolina for a precursor project called “Envision Charlotte.”
Prior to joining Envision Charlotte, Johnson worked for fifteen years in the Corporate Real Estate department of Bank of America, and for the last five years led the global operations team for Bank of America’s portfolio and created its sustainability program. Johnson has a BA in History from William and Mary and an MBA from the University of Virginia.